Press Release_Just In…Jana makes Ellen

As I walk through the hallway on my way to the studio where Ellen and the live audience is, I feel my heart quickening. I notice, though, that the feeling of wanting to throw up when under stress of this kind is no longer there. I have control of my body and I allow myself to enjoy the feeling of adrenaline coursing through my body.

I have been on the webinar tour for a bit, and I’m getting used to being interviewed often. Nevertheless, my ascent has been so fast, I am walking on cloud 9.

Hahaha! Ellen!!! Who would’ve thunk that in a space of 9 months I would be here.

I have been on this Journey for over 12 years now, but it wasn’t until I jumped on the chance to embark on the Master Key MA that my life really took off!

Noël is backstage waiting and she may even get to come on set and talk with Ellen and myself.

I hear:

“Our next guest is what I would call a true Renaissance woman. She has had more lives than a cat. Continually re-inventing herself. She has been an award winning graphic designer and Art Director, a soap opera actress, cabaret singer, a VO artist, a producer, a speed-reading teacher, and now, she does sound healing! Imagine that, people heal when she sings to them!! Here with us, Quantum Healing Sounds Creator: Jana Martinez!

Here I go!

Jana: Hello Ellen! Thank you so much for having me!

Ellen: So, Jana, I really want to hear about this sound healing thing that you do, I’ve heard it’s quite impressive.

Jana: Well, first of all, I know it will sound like a cliché, but I truly do not do the healing itself. I am what is called a facilitator. And what that means is that through my sounding, singing, breathwork and music, the body’s natural self-healing process is activated and is able to heal itself.

Ellen: Interesting. We have heard many wonderful stories about your system. And I know you have promised to do a live demonstration for us today, right?

Jana: Yes, I’ll be honored. And just to let everyone at home know, the audience here have all been very graceful and signed a release acknowledging that there’s a big chance their life is going to change for the better and they’re ok with it(audience laughs). So for the people at home, they can open themselves to receive these vibrations and they will work through space and time but make sure you know that if you choose it, your life will change.

Ellen: Great! I was reading your bio and I saw that you have been a soap opera actress?

Jana: Hahaha! Yes, my first role was of a Mother Superior in a Telemundo prime-time soap!

Ellen: Yes, and just so the audience can get a clearer idea, we have a clip here…

Jana: OMG!!! I had a feeling this would happen!!

Clip of Jana as Madre Emilia plays

Ellen: Hahahaha!!! That is wonderful! And I also hear that there are a few stories behind this role.

Jana: Yes, well, when I was little I wanted to take my first communion. The problem was I was born to a family of agnostics, so it was kind of difficult. In any case, when I was 11 I found out that my great-grandmother’s neighbor was a retired catechism teacher and during the summer holidays while everyone else was at the beach, I talked this 90 year old lady into preparing me for my first communion, which she did and, long story short, I ended up doing this on my 12th birthday And here’s a picture of how I chose to dress for it…

Picture of Jana dressed as a nun in an almost identical habit as the one worn by Madre Emilia in the soap!

Ellen: (Laughing hysterically) OMG!!! You can’t make this up!!!

Jana: Yes, many, many events in my life have shown up like this, one synchronicity after another, just as my success came overnight after taking part in the world-famous 6-month MKMMA course. That was what really tipped the balance for me.

Ellen: How can you say it was an overnight success after investing 6-months in a course?

Jana: Oh, no! It was a 12 year journey, actually! (I laughed)

Ellen: Explain that to us…

Jana: Well, life is a process and this process of mine began when I got divorced after an 18 year relationship and marriage. My family fell apart, I was pretty much destitute yet living in a million dollar home and wanted to kill myself, literally. I was just too much of a chicken. But my faith has always been stronger than anything.

I found, or rather, “it” found me. I am talking about Tapping or EFT, oh, and also the Ho’Oponopono prayer. That’s what saved my life. That, and my two dogs.

These techniques and prayer got me through the night when I wanted to disappear. Minute by minute, I would keep tapping and praying, tapping and praying until daylight came. Then, it truly was another day.

For the next 5 years, I sequestered myself in my home. The only times I would go out would be to go record some voice over work and that meant going into a recording booth with an engineer, sometimes a script supervisor and rarely a client in the room. That was really the extent of my human interaction.

I had my two dogs, my books and the internet.

I studied, I read. I stayed awake for days on end, afraid of falling asleep and not knowing why. I heard after that insomnia is a big problem for people who are go through divorced…

In any case, years earlier, I had gotten an insight of creating the Gratitude Concerts, which by the way, I have to thank you so much for participating with us. Aren’t they the best?

Ellen: Yes, they are one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever gone through. And for anyone who doesn’t know what I’m talking about, which, I don’t know who that would be, the Gratitude Concerts are now taking place world-wide and when they happen, the Institute of Heartmath gets their satellites to record the frequencies emanating from the earth and ripples of love and gratitude are detected by these satellites. It’s truly something almost incredible. Well, frankly, if we hadn’t got the proof, I’d find it really hard to believe. Unless you actually are there; when you are there, there is no question something amazing is happening. You feel electrified and full of love and gratitude that is really almost overwhelming. And, Jana, can you actually explain to the audience what happens during and after the concerts?

Jana: Certainly. There is a principle called entrainment, whereby when two objects are vibrating next to each other, the object with the higher vibration will bring the one with the lower vibration up to meet it.

Love and Gratitude are very high vibratory forces. So let’s say you are really upset and someone who is feeling love and/or gratitude comes near you, that vibration will pull you out of the funk and bring you into a similar state!

The way I found this out was through all my reading in those years of isolation. Hindsight, they were actually really productive. I mean, I was now completely on my own, I had no one to take care of but me and the dogs, and they’re EAASYY!! And all love!

And, if I wasn’t studying I would tend to go kinda crazy with the loneliness. So, as I studied, one day I came across a study where they put grandfather clocks, lots of them, in a room. You know, the ones with the pendulums. And they set these pendulums in motion at different times, so the pendulums were going back and forth at their own pace. And they left them there, you know, doing their thing. Well, after a few hours, the scientists came into the room to find out that they had all got in sync with each other. So I wondered if that would or could happen with humans.

And it does!

These days, more and more people know about these things and they are more widely and easily accepted. When I was learning these things and I was eager to share them, I’d often get the “who is this crazy woman and what does she want?” look and for a while even I thought I might be going crazy.

Ellen: I am glad you persisted, because now look at how huge these concerts have grown!

It is truly a gift to participate in them. Really. I mean, to think that you may have made a different choice and the Gratitude Concerts may not have seen the light of day…. I don’t even want to think about that!

Jana: Thank you, Ellen, yes, that is also part of my message because so many people, kids included feel so overwhelmed and are in so much grief and sorrow and they feel they can’t go on. Well, believe me when I tell you. I was there and now, look at me. I am happier beyond anything I could have ever dreamed and look at the difference the Gratitude Concerts are making and the many talented, extremely talented artists, designers, musicians, I mean I have a team that many envy. I have working with me 300 people right now and I know they are some of the most talented people ON THE PLANET!!! And they WANT to work with me!! With Me!!

And they do it for our vision. To have a planet filled to overflowing with love and gratitude. Have peace and consciousness reign. A planet where homelessness and hunger are non-existent, where sonars are used only for creation and never for destruction. And Dolphins and Whales and sea creatures in the ocean can live free from being tortured by sound when these sonars are used.

And all children, fellow humans, and animals are treated with love, caring and compassion.

Where music is our only medicine.

This is our passion and our vision. And I never would have dreamed this could happen if it weren’t for my MKMMA.

Ellen: You talk about this MKMMA so much, what exactly is it?

Jana: It is a course the was developed by Mark and the Fabulous Davene Januszewsky based on the teachings of Charles Haanel who wrote The Master Key.

And these guys used Emerson’s Law of Compensation as their precept and the GIVE THIS COURSE AWAY FOR FREE!!!

I mean, they really do. Everybody who takes the course is on a scholarship and then, you are able to pay it forward for the next generation of students by contributing, pretty much what you like after a minimum that is set by the entire group.

Ellen: What? They give the course away for free?

Jana: Yes! Uh huh. You pay Zero. I mean I contributed. At first, I could only really afford the minimum, but my life started transforming so quickly that I was able to become one of the greatest contributors!! Hahahaha!! Who would’ve thunk it!

I was even able to go to Hawaii and spend a week with them for graduation after the six months AND I became one of the guides and led the next group. And THEN, they even paid me over $50,000 for taking part in that!

I had read The Master Key years before and I wasn’t able to discipline myself to do the exercises so when I heard about this opportunity, where we have a personal guide leading us and helping us through every step of the way, I simply jumped on it, not even knowing how I would be able to afford this. I just did it. And I am so eternally glad and grateful I did. I was able to finally after all those years of efforts and struggle and not having anything to show for it all, to bring it all together and literally get results overnight!

Ellen: IIII see, it only took you like, let’s say 12 years to become an overnight success! Hahahahahaha!

Jana: Exactly! I know you are familiar with this kind of thing, right? Years of sticking to it and not seeing anything happen, then, one day. Pay day! The universe says: “Time to bloom.”

Ellen: Well, I cannot wait for you to do this sound healing thing. How is it related to the Gratitude Concerts?

Jana: I call the Gratitude Concerts the seed. The seed from which it all sprouted. When I first got the idea to do the Concerts, I didn’t know any musicians who would go for something so out there. Because I wanted to used sacred solfeggio frequencies and that meant studying and tuning their instruments totally different than the standard 440 system and no one wanted to be bothered. So I found myself waiting for almost 10 years.

A few years ago, with the knowing that I had to somehow do this, the nagging in my head persisted and a shaman friend of mine told me to stop getting so hung up on others, that I didn’t need anything but my voice. And that got me thinking and experimenting.

I can’t even say I developed anything because I just allowed myself to follow my instinct and an interior guidance that has brought me this far. Every time I do this, it’s different and some days I even wonder if this will just stop in the same way as it started! Hehe

One day I got brave and I shared it with my shaman friend. She was floored and told me I had to keep doing this, that I was on the right track. I kept sharing with more and more people and then one day, I literally just demanded from God some proof that this worked.

The people who had received these soundings all reported amazing results and the experience of joy. However, since I was the one making the sounds, I couldn’t really tell because from my end it feels totally different.

And then, almost right away, my answer came in the form of a young man called Ben Ahrens who was the VP of Innovative Medicine. A quantum physics-based technique for healing which happens to use an antenna that could measure my sound healing!

Can you believe this? It was just like a miracle.

So Ben went ahead and tested this and realized that within 20 minutes I had almost completely aligned and activated his chakras (or energy centers) and I was off to the races! The proof I needed had come. My biggest fear before was that I was a fraud and I couldn’t live with that. When I got the reviews and results from Ben, I go the fuel I needed to go ahead. And then, well, then I had to learn how to put the word out there so that took a while but with the help and support of my MKMMA, I was able to get my followers up to 1,500 and that was all I needed to get on the webinar circuit and the success stories kept flowing in. That mushroomed and, well, here I am ( I giggled)

Ellen: And I am so glad you are!

Jana: Would you like me to go ahead and do the sound healing now?

Ellen: I thought you’d never ask!

Jana: Hahahahaha! OK! Let’s do it!

So I went ahead and did the sound healing. My band was there. Onel, my partner, beaming. He had worked as dilligently as me to get us here.

And on one of the healings, Noel came out and sang with me. Her voice was angelic.

It took about 30 second for the audience to come back after the healing and when they did, we got a roaring standing ovation.

SO much joy and love was flowing and it could really be felt.

And then Ellen came over with tears in her eyes and said: This was even more amazing than the Gratitude Concerts if that is at all possible. THANK YOU!!

Jana: (Blushing) Thank you for allowing me to do this here. I know this was really a risky move. Thank you!

Ellen: Well, now we have a surprise and a gift for you.


Ellen: Bring them out…

Look who’s here to celebrate with you

Enter Davene, Mark, and Nicole onto the stage.

Jana: OMG!!!!! You came!!! Thank you!!

Davene, Mark, Nicole: We wouldn’t have missed this for the world!!!


ELLEN: And now, Davene, Mark, Nicole are doing me the favor to present with me a check for $1,000,000 to create a dolphin sanctuary in Quantum Healing Sounds™ name in the place of your choosing.

Jana: OMG! OMG! OMG!! Thank you!! Thank you!!! (Tears of joy flowing)

This is amazing! Thank you all! I AM SO LUCKY!!!!


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