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Where do I begin?

I have worked so diligently at letting go of the story… I wake up every morning and decide that I have no past and no future. Only now.

Some days, it works better than others…

Writing about oneself I find can be an elusive thing, as what we perceive to be ourself may not necessarily match other’s perception of that self.

I will attempt to be as coherent as possible in painting the picture of who I believe I am. Or rather, what I believe I came to do/share.

Through the process of life and sheer determination, I have  come to understand that I am whole and complete and that everything I would ever need or desire will come from me and not to me from any outside source.

The roles I play these days are Mother, Entrepreneur, Actor and Voiceover Talent, Singer, Energy Facilitator and perennial student.

People know as Mother what I call a guardian. As I believe children are not ours but are given to us in guardianship and I am VERY proud to have the honor of being guardian to one of the loveliest people on the planet. My daughter, Noel, has been the greatest gift in my life. I am so proud and grateful that she is part of my life. She is an inspiration and a source of strength and courage, and my life would definitely not be anywhere near what it is without her in it.

When I was 38, I realized that I was not living by my “no regrets” principle and decided to do something about it. I quit working at the advertising/design agency that I’d started with my husband 10 years earlier and took the plunge into acting. Within two years, I had appeared as principal in over 50 commercials for top brands like American Express, Home Depot, Discovery Channel, and too many to mention them all. Then, a breakthrough. The universe guided me to the casting director for Telemundo/RTI the soap opera production branch and I was offered a contract working as a soap opera actor at Telemundo in Miami. It was during that time that I also came out of the closet as a singer and began putting shows together and performing professionally. I absolutely love doing all of this. It was part of my dream to be doing it and I made it happen.

As a child, I always performed and dreamed of performing. I set up plays where I directed my brother and anybody else who would allow me, where to stand, how to move, when to move and what to say. I was always singing and dancing and I felt like a true free spirit.

But it wasn’t until I was around 11 or 12 that I knew. I really knew what I wanted to do when I grew up. My mother took me to my first Broadway musical. I remember sitting there watching this amazing performance and feeling like one giant goose bump . (I now call those, truth bumps). I was electrified from head to toes and I knew. I knew I had to be on that stage myself and not for the pleasure of being a star but for the privilege of making people feel what I was feeling in that moment. I wanted to make people feel that feeling through MY singing and acting.  I felt it my obligation to share that marvelous feeling I was feeling. It would simply be too selfish to keep it all to myself.

These days, I teach large groups of people speed reading and my sound healing workshops, and I have the honor of living my dream as I know with my talks, teachings, singing, they are able to get the truth bumps and be elated as I was that might.

Is it big enough yet? No way!

My dreams are lofty and grand. I’ve always known that dreams come true.

Now with MKMMA, I am experiencing the process through which my dreams will be birthed and I am SO happy and SO grateful and so full of love and expectation.

One time I remember sharing with my best friend some success I had experienced to which she replied: “You’re so lucky!”

I remember feeling a bit offended by this but I managed to laugh and say, well, if you call my persistence, diligent efforts, staying up late, working at all hours, keeping my eye on the prize, and being relentless and making sacrifices, lucky, I guess you’re right! I AM a lucky Girl!”

She realized what she’d said and we both had a laugh. Since then, I have always called myself a LUCKY GIRL.

Now, when I succeed, I do a happy dance and always say: “I’M SO LUCKY!”…


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Ok, feeling a bit like a stalker now ha ha. But having just read your last two posts thought I would take a few minutes to read your About Me page. Love your honest and heart felt writing Jana. 🙂


  2. Jana…..After reading the above, I feel like I’M the lucky one for getting to be your new Guide! “Truth bumps”……I LOVE that! Keep up the great work. You are SO focused on your target!


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