Week 22a_ In the silence…

I am no stranger to silence. And though I must admit, my first encounters with it years ago were ‘not pretty’, now I look forward to it. A lot.

Throughout my MKMMA experience, I have received confirmation that the many of the rituals and exercises I use are just the thing I need for my spiritual development and most importantly, the development of my mind. So when this week’s exercise was to go in the silence, I fully embraced it. Especially since, recently, I am having difficulty in finding God within. So I thought I would go listen up!

I knew it! I knew I’d come face to face with God and I was so excited to do this. Just a few days before I read a quoted Tennyson line somewhere, and I paraphrase. God is nearer than the breath and closer than your hands and feet. Or something like that. And it so resonated within me. I went into this silence head first. YUMMM. Giving myself permission to sit for hours… Disconnect from everything. And maybe, when I came back out, I would come out equipped on how to bring that silence into my everyday life and activities. Get coherence.

Because I have found a danger in meditating for so long. The bliss is such, that sometimes I have no desire to deal with my ‘real life.’

And I was just reminded that any angel would give up their ‘angelhood’ for a chance to experience life like we do!

We have chocolate!!!


In the Stillness – Karen Drucker…http://bit.ly/1HifFz4


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