Week 12_ Stormy Weather

This week has been extraordinary. Things have been occurring in a most magical way. Good things mixed in deep with the old blueprint. The one that is fighting tooth and nail to prove its worth. It shows up and seems to say to me: “Look at me!! I’m here creating drama for you, so you can get your fix ;)” sort of like watching a storm in a glass of water…

Enough! I say. There’s simply too much good going on around me. Thank you old blueprint for sharing, now, pplleeeaaase, go away…

I’m currently traveling, and upon my arrival at my destination I thought: “Mmmm, I need some candles…” and it was fleeting. The morning after I arrived, a lady I hadn’t seen in years, showed up at my breakfast table at the club I frequent when here to greet me and I thought: “Mmmm… my breakfast might get cold if she takes too long, but let me be present for her anyway.” Within 5 minutes of our conversation, she tells me, “You know, I have a friend who has a store and I’d like to take you to meet her. I know you two will immediately click. She has beautiful jewelry there and lots of stuff you would like. Oh, and she also has this beautiful treated candles…” I did not say a word about having asked for the candles.

After about another minute, she looks at me and says: “Ask and you shall receive!

I still haven’t made it to the store for candles. Perhaps today.

I would be remiss not to tell you that the place I travelled to, is actually ‘home’. Or, rather,  the city I was born in and the place where my parents still live. (I truly consider Miami my home since it’s the place I’ve lived the longest in and where most of my friends still are.)

I have been much more quiet than usual. When my only brother calls and doesn’t even say hello, and says: “Let me talk to Mom”, I simply hand the phone over to my Mom. Nope. No reaction. It is what it is. And it’s his loss. I know that matter-of-factly. No feeling involved in that one any more. It just means less useless chit-chat for me. He-he.

On Saturday night, I went to dinner with a cousin I love dearly, only to find myself sitting in an outdoor terrace at 10 o’clock at night so she and her friend could smoke. Never mind that I am a singer and being outdoors in the cold after I was sick all of last week was not really my cup of tea. Let alone having to breathe in the smoke of cigarettes and cigars, to boot ( I DO NOT like cigars, their smell, and usually the arrogance that accompanies them). I sat there. Quietly. I let my cousin conduct a two-and-a-half hour monologue as so did the other 3 people in our party. I took the shawl she’d lent me and put it over my nose and mouth and sat there, breathing into it. Listening at times. Enjoying my food at others. I also didn’t care that I am a vegetarian and we were having dinner at a steak house. I had delicious melted cheese and a lentil soup.’ I can find yummy food anywhere.’

My cousin’s husband at one point said to me: “Please, tell us something so that ‘xx’ can finish her food and we can leave!”

To which I responded with a giggle and allowed her to continue.

Today, I was supposed to spend the day with her and I found a reason to stay home, in the quiet, instead.

My mom keeps telling me to go out and have fun. Ironic. My entire life I’ve been chastised for partying too much… he-he, again.

I feel like a Cheshire Cat. I know so much more. But no one is asking me. So here I am, grinning from ear to ear. Having the best day of my life, every day. In spite of the stormy weather…



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