Week_11_ I am feeling challenged. Are you?

WOW! the past week has been full of challenges for me. I am certain as I begin to dig deeper into this work, everything I need to release comes up. It is not pretty sometimes, it is overwhelming others and through it all I continually ask myself: “Ok, are you ready to give this up now?” when the challenges arise. And since I have created my reality, I know when I don’t like it, I have the power to change it.

I know I am changing my future reality with every step I take, I also know, the machinery in the universe needs me to be patient while it re-organizes everything to suit my new life. Patience is almost an art, and I become its slave.

I see most everyone around me facing challenge after challenge, some tougher than others. Loss, desperation, despair…I feel lucky. My challenges are never as bad as the people around me. I feel grateful, I feel blessed. I learn to love myself more each day. I forgive myself and I know that it is all part of the divine plan.

As I learn to love myself and find peace within, I know I am taking personal responsibility and know that what I do matters. For there is a tipping point and it’s approaching.

I know there will be peace, I know a new dawn is coming for all of us.

I learn to be gentle with myself and even a drink of water these days is something extraordinary and appreciated. everything I do and experience has trails back to it’s beginning. Everything becomes important and I can see the patterns and confirmation of my childhood belief that everything is connected. When there is a war, I imagine that it’s like someone grabbing a knife with the right hand to stab the left…

So, if you like me, are struggling right now, breathe, give more love to yourself. be more gentle. Be more grateful for what is going right. As this too, shall pass.

A new day is coming and as we persist, we win.



5 thoughts on “Week_11_ I am feeling challenged. Are you?

  1. Hey Jana, you’renot alone. I had a terrible week last week. Just couldn’t explain why I was feeling so flat. But realise that each challenge or setback makes us stronger. This week I have much more power and strength than before. It’s like being in the gym, we put ourselves under pressure to make gains. Here’s to a lot more challenges! 🙂


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