Week 6 _Adding the sense of smell to my DMP

Is there a smell that transports you to a wonderful place in your mind?

The sense of smell is a powerful trigger for the mind. When I smell the scent of Cherimoya, a tropical fruit, I am always reminded of my great grandfather. He used to eat one of those every afternoon. He was in his 90’s. I was between 4 & 6, no more. I was never particularly fond of Cherimoyas, tried one once and passed on it. However, I enjoy smelling it because it brings my great grandfather to life. Or at least a very vivid memory of him…

These days, I use all the senses to facilitate healing. Especially sound. That’s my specialty. And I bring all the senses in to support the sound and work as a unit to activate and energize the body’s self-healing mechanism and accelerate healing.

As I contemplated how to bring my DMP into 3-D, I considered a few options to begin with and during our MKMMA webinar I heard someone suggest making a mobile, What a great idea! I’m making one with printouts of Thousand dollar bills!  Can you imagine? They will look as if they’re falling from the sky!!

Then I thought, wait, let me use smell to anchor this further into my RAS (reticular activating system), the one that creates the neural networks… I happen to have Geranium essential oil, really good for prosperity, so I pour a drop unto my palms, think and feel my Liberty DMP and smell the scent… Now I plan to put the oil in my diffuser and, voilá! Just like the shapes…Easy-peasy!

I set a lofty, yet reasonable goal, and didn’t give myself the luxury of a lot of time, so any help I can give my subconscious is probably a good idea. hehe!

I will report further the minute my goal shows up, well, after I calm down a bit.

Have you ever seen those game shows on tv where people win the big prizes and start screaming, jumping and going kinda crazy? I always thought it really funny, a bit ridiculous, even. When I get my Liberty DMP going, I see myself celebrating just like that!


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