Week 5 – Take this, Subby!

I keep attempting to be more gentle with myself. Eh, not so great at it! I know I am changing and probably soon, my titles will be more gentle themselves following my trend.

For now, some Batman punches: Wham, Kablam, Pow! Saying: Take this, Subconscious!!!! I win today!

This week has been amazing! Changes are happening, clients are paying me early, checks are flowing, old clients are calling, new clients are calling, colleagues are calling and asking for my expertise! I am being asked to sing in friend’s new songs. I launched my webinar series as written in my DMP!! Woooohoooo!!

The seeds have not only sprouted, they are now bearing fruit!!! And lots of it!

Still, my subconscious’ old programming keeps rearing it’s head and finding reasons not to do my reading, reasons to not to read my DMP, justifications, logical arguments that really make a lot of sense when you live by the old paradigm. I could listen to it. Some moments I do listen. I do not act on it, however. It has taken every ounce of will to say: ‘Thank you for sharing, now go away!’

Reasons like: ‘I’m tired, I’ve only had 2.5 hrs sleep’, ‘I must take care of this’, ‘I must take care of that’, ‘I should eat first’, Blah, blah, blah…

I also think I said, No judgment this week. My subconscious heard: “Gooo aheeaaad, honey!! Judge, judge, judge away to your heart’s content! No one’s looking anyway!”

Well, you listen to me, subconscious. There is a new boss in town. And the boss says: “I can be what I will to be. Do It Now. Do It Now. Do It Now. Do It Now.



Clean out bathroom medicine cabinet. Turn into healthy fun stuff cabinet       check

About page on blog             check

Press Release on blog        check

Read my DMP, GS, MK, Law of Giving/Receiving, etc, etc. checkcheck, check !!!!!!!!!

Do the happy dance   check!


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