Week 4 – Aaahh, the beautiful Mind…

I’ve always thought people were really way too hard on the mind. In a way, I still do… Mind bashing seems to have been paramount in my spiritual search. Finally, I’ve arrived at a place where the mind is appreciated for what it is. A beautiful gift we all have.

I equate the mind to a wild horse. Untamed, unbridled, joyful, and free. Having one without understanding it and giving it the proper guidance will surely create chaos and bring danger into your life. But take the time to love it, feed it, understand it, and guide it, and you will be in the company of the greatest being. It will teach you about life, about relationship, about unconditional love…

This whole experience for me is almost like a culmination of the work I have been doing for the past 6 years…

The synchronicities I am experiencing are mind-blowing to say the least. I actually came into possession of The Master Key book about 6 years ago. I read it, kinda did the exercises, yet didn’t take it to heart and certainly had no consistency in doing the homework. When Haanel asked to look at the picture and do the recall, I simply gave up. For whatever reason, I wasn’t up to remembering all those details and hindsight, I may have felt myself incapable of doing this successfully.

In any case, in my previous writings I mentioned P90X and mentioned it saved my life. And Mark talks about it all the time and I believe he uses the principles of P90X in his go 90 Grow program.

When I came into contact with Mark and Davene’s work, I was immediately attracted to them, not knowing why and not really caring why, as I am at a point where I am able to trust my intuition more, override the monkey mind (on its way to disappearing, yay!), and know that there’s a reason for everything that shows up in my life.

Well, I certainly feel the Master Key has been calling me forth and now it has come full circle. I had asked the universe for a support system in order to reach my goals and this opportunity appeared. I went for it; Setting my alarm for 3 am on the day Mark was to announce the requirements to watch the video and was done with every item on the list except the 300 index cards by 4:45 am.

Still, these past two days, I can feel my mind saying, ‘this is too confusing’, ‘I don’t get it’, ‘you’ll never have the consistency needed for this’, ‘ you’ll never know how to do business and succeed’ and though it is there seemingly in a continuous basis, I have been able to say “Thank you for sharing, now go away because ‘I can be what I will to be’.”

I am strong, I am powerful, I have quickly done my service for the week, added 5 people or more, I believe, as I wasn’t counting or thinking, on twitter and I am now joyfully writing my blog! albeit a bit rambly today. Hehe

Now I can celebrate the Whole rest of the week!!!

So I invite any of you who are considering giving up and listening to the monkey mind to cover your ears and sing “LA, LA, LA, LA, LA, LA, LA!” at the top of your lungs while you do your service for the week, ( do it now, do it now, do it now!) or have a quick look at twitter and add 5 people to your following list, (do it now, do it now, do it now!) and then feel the feeling of triumph and start the party with me!!! Woooohoooo!!!!



15 thoughts on “Week 4 – Aaahh, the beautiful Mind…

  1. Great post, I love your enthusiasm and “never quit” attitude! And I will take you up and follow 5 more right now on twitter and the wordpress blogs. Look forward to following the rest of the journey with you.


  2. Your comments have been so moving and thought provoking! Thank you. For whatever reason, my tech skills were not allowing me to get to your blog–so glad I did! Excellent, I’m a regular now. Going to Twitter now for my 5 :))


    • Aaawwww, thank you, Janet!!!
      Working on my interview page now and have a new blog post coming up soon.
      Although, it’s amazing how many wonderful things and people are appearing in my life, I can hardly keep up with everything 🙂
      So exciting!!!!


  3. Loved your post. This is what I have been searching for all my life too. Week 4 was very difficult. Did have those quit feelings, but knew I would never forgive myself and that I would have to ‘settle for’ for the rest of my life. It was only a fleeting feeling after that.


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