Week 2- Cont. More Realizations

As I read a post from Fabiana ( fabtalksmasterkey ) this morning, I was so moved by her beautiful writing and expression of what it means to her to go on this journey and it gave me a huge a-ha!

I felt so proud to be in such good company. The statements about being the average of the people who surround you became so blatantly apparent. I have made a quantum leap. I have made choices. I have left people behind. Painful as it was…

In life, sometimes we journey with companions that seem to be the perfect choice, only to find ourselves more alone than you could ever imagine, and with no hope for it to get better… Can anyone relate?

Then, in a magical and totally counter-intuitive way we set on this journey within, where one can logically and justifiably assume  is a solo trip – only to find the treasure of a thousand travel mates and feeling so proud to be in their company!

Life is good!


5 thoughts on “Week 2- Cont. More Realizations

  1. I am experiencing a similar journey. Living now alone, I feel less alone than when I was living with my husband. Taking this MKMMA course is perfect for giving myself a 180 degree turn from the past. I am really learning and am happier than I have ever been. Such a positive experience! Good luck with your journey.

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  2. Yup, not alone for sure. I can totally relate to your question. I personally like to be alone (not always) and have been happy to see other great people out here on this journey with me. Love the blog keep it up. Also, I read on your webpage that EFT was something that spurred some change for you. Pretty cool it has for me as well


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