Week2-Do you feel the heat?

I will be SO happy if you can see my posts 🙂


Wow! I don’t know about you, but has this past week been a bit stressful and confusing?

What with Mercury in retrograde, the lunar eclipse and the cosmic happenings, I couldn’t help but notice the delays, technical issues and overall feeling around me of people “running around in circles”…

Fortunately for me, my hero’s journey was set in motion just in time before all this confusion surged and has kept me going strong. I too, have been affected a bit with technical issues, like software not working as it should and lists of unusual high levels of traffic in New York City, and my usual loss of time tracking has been a bit heightened, but I have a renewed sense of purpose!

I can see what all these activities are doing to my mind. Can you?

Yes, they’re totally upsetting the apple cart, and my usual and not so usual objections are…

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3 thoughts on “Week2-Do you feel the heat?

  1. I share your sentiments on the sleep issue. We live in the city that never sleeps and as a night owl myself, it is taking a lot of effort to retrain, and shutdown my system in order to keep pace with the program…Much luck to you on the journey.

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